Davidson center

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The davidson center is located in the jerusalem archaeological park. Named after Edward Robinson, the scholar who identified the remains of the site in 1838, the arch historically served as an overpass at the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount. Part of the Jerusalem Archeological Park & Davidson Center, it is a tranquil, picturesque site just outside the Western Wall Plaza. it is an archaeological tourist site exhibiting the history of the temple mount. it combines an exhibition of archaeological content through various means.
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park reveals the most amazing discoveries of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period through the display of archaeological discoveries. the davidson center consists on a succession of galleries leading the visitor down circular ramps thorough a sequence of ancient periods.
The davidson center is no less holy than the Western Wall, for it is part of the remaining Southern enclosure of the Temple Mount. For those who wish to celebrate their bar mitzvah near the Wall in a Quiet and calm atmosphere, there is an attractive alternative: Robinson’s Arch, a part of the Southern Wall, a remnant of the Second Temple.
Celebrate a bar mitzvah in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park is a great options for a private breathtaking Ceremonies.
Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am – 5pm
Friday and Holiday Eves: 8 am – 2 pm
Entrance during evening and night time hours is possible with advanced arrangement.
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