Attending a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?
Here’s the top questions people have.

What should I wear?
People usually dress on the formal side.
You have to buy a tallis and tefillin (If you want, you can also buy in Israel. You can
ask us about recommended stores)
At the Bar Mitzvah ceremony people are expected to cover their heads with kippas. (yarmulke)

When should I arrive?
Showing up precisely on time is unusual half an hour before the ceremony starting up.

What should I expect at the service?
This varies.
Some bar or bat mitzvahs lead the whole service, while others make a shorter speech.
Some bar or bat mitzvahs read or chant in Hebrew from the Torah or Prophets.
Parents will often say blessings, embarrass their child with some memories, and present gifts.
Many congregations pelt the bar or bat mitzvah with candy to celebrate a job well done
and then adjourn to the social hall for a kiddush, or lunch.

Okay, what do I do?
Take a prayer book, along with a copy of the Torah readings.
Often, an usher will help you out.
Expect lots of standing and sitting and go with the flow.
Rest assured you’re not the only person there without a clue.

What do kids do to prepare?
Kids learn how to lead a service, carry a Torah, and chant from the Hebrew inside it.
They write their speech called a “drasha” and often complete a mitzvah project.
The rituals are simply turning 12 or 13 gets the job done,
making them eligible Jewish adults Bar or Bat Mitzvahs.
Now, they’re “legal” in the Jewish sense.

Anything else I should know?
Taking pictures is usually frowned upon enjoy the moment instead. You can order a
professional photographer instead. Photographers prices range from 800 to 2500 NIS. (You can
ask us about recommended photographers)

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